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Hey there!
My name is Ry & I'm the Creative Director of Her Moon & Stars. 
Her Moon & Stars came to light shortly after getting married to my husband Louie in early 2021.
My inspiration behind Her Moon & Stars, came from my Nan. A beautiful, guiding light, throughout my life & through my wedding planning journey. Sadly, Nan passed suddenly just before our wedding, but even though she wasn't physically present with me on the day, I felt her support & abundance of love around me throughout the whole day. Ever since I was young, my nan & I had exchanged a 'love you to the moon & back', every time we spoke. On the day of our wedding, the pink moon came out, just as our ceremony started and was ever present for the rest of the day. I find comfort in knowing I can look at the moon and feel her presence, no matter where I am in the world.

This, being the inspiration behind 'Her Moon & Stars'. I dream of being that guiding light and everlasting support for each of my clients, that will you give you an abundance of love, support & courage throughout your planning journey. 
After recently being a bride myself & going through the process of planning a wedding, interstate, during a pandemic, I can completely relate and understand the stress & efforts involved in pulling together a special occasion.
I'm here to be your ultimate HYPE GIRL! To appreciate the smaller details & bounce ideas with over a cup of tea, glass of wine or a margi! 
With my close eye for detail & passion for creating magical moments, I will dedicate myself to working with you to seamlessly curate your dream, bespoke event. 
Bringing you, the moon, stars & everything beyond. 

I can't wait to hear from you! x

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